TVP Episode 6: What We Wish We'd Known As New Moms

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"Do not be afraid." from Pinterest
Divine Mercy and "Jesus, I trust in You."
"Out of the depths I cry unto You, O Lord." Psalm 150

Quotes from this podcast:
"I know now that a lot of the stuff I was really strict about really doesn't matter." Rebecca
"I had postpartum depression and I was too proud to do anything about it... I wish I could go back in a little blue box and tell myself, 'If you would ask for help... you will thrive and your children will thrive.'" Bonnie
"I listened to this Great They bu I wish I would have listened to my gut and my mom." Bonnie
"When you hear hoof beats its horses, not zebras." Rebecca
"I wish I would have allowed my husband to take care of me and the baby." Rebecca
"I didn't grow up wanting to be a mommy." Heather

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