Currently, The Visitation Project broadcasts live from one radio station in one corner of the big ol' USA. Our hope is that more and more Catholic radio stations across the nation will add our show to their programming schedules so you may tune in closer to home.

Imagine if, while running errands, you tuned into your local Catholic radio station and you were greeted by voices, perspectives, and conversations with which you can identify. Imagine if all women - not just women who are in the know about podcasts or have subscriptions to special radio stations - were able to listen to a radio show that is a mix of pop culture, family life, and our vibrant Catholic faith.


But even for those of us who like our podcasts - for fun and easy listening while on walks or grocery shopping or doing chores or prepping meals  - here's some good reasons why TVP is different, and why what we do, while it costs money to produce, benefits you.

  • Recording together - live and in person - means we benefit from the expertise of a professional radio engineer and sound equipment. This allows for less technical difficulties as we speak and a clearer, more vibrant sound. No matter where you're listening, you can clearly hear us over your co-workers, sizzling dinner, or noisy, er, perfectly well-behaved kids. 
  • The Visitation Project is charting new territory in the Catholic radio world, tackling a wide variety of relatable topics in a way that has been largely untapped in mainstream Catholic programming. As Relational Evangelists, we talk with authenticity and humor about Sacraments, pop music, self-care, difficult family members, discipleship, and Divine Mercy. The Visitation Project is not a news show, nor is it a scholarly or theological program. The Visitation Project is comprised of three friends with a strong desire to share the joys of our beloved Catholic faith in an authentic yet relatable way. The Visitation Project is the New Evangelization in action over the airwaves - we are real women with real lives, struggles, and stories - sharing about being faithful and joyful Catholics in our modern world. 
  • Being produced in a brick-and-mortar Catholic radio station means we are listener supported, however, our content is provided, essentially, for free. There are no membership fees, no "Cool Kids Club," and no fancy equipment you need beyond a computer or - hopefully some day - your local Catholic radio station to listen to The Visitation Project. 


So, when you give to The Visitation Project, where does your money go, and where does it not go?

  • Transportation. It takes a chunk of change to fly a Texan and a Midwesterner to meet up with the recovering hippie in the Pacific NW two or three times a year. Is it worth it? See our points about professional equipment, staff, clarity of sound, etc., above. 
  • Food. We have a very modest food budget to cover meals during our recording days, as we often work through breakfast and lunch. Hey - we don't have a lot of time together! We have to multi-task! :-)
  • Lodging. Often, through the sheer generosity of others, we are able to arrange for home stays while recording, but this is not always practical. When we have to stay in a hotel, we choose modest yet clean rooms and are not living it up in penthouse suites (trust us).
  • Web Presence and Promotional Items.  
  • Recording FacilitiesMater Dei Radio generously donates their recording space, time, and professional sound engineer for our recording sessions. We could absolutely not produce our show without their kind hospitality. When you support The Visitation Project, you are not giving funds directly to Mater Dei; however, our desire is to donate to the station semi-annually because without their valued services, there would be no TVPRadio.
  • Stipends. Currently, none of the TVP Crew receives any compensation beyond transportation and food costs for her time to travel and record the show. Perhaps this will change some day (we have families and bills, too, after all), but we feel strongly enough about what we've been called to do with this show that we are volunteering our time for now. You are not paying Rebecca, Bonnie, or Heather for our time.


  • Content. Listen to our broadcast every week, and access our previous episodes in the archives and via iTunes!
  • Even More Content. As a financial supporter of The Visitation Project, you will receive access to exclusive audio content and other special offers! 
  • Community + Connection. Being a faithful Catholic is not boring and it is not a drudgery! Connect with us and other TVPRadio listeners who are striving to live the Catholic faith with authenticity and joy. 

We would love for you to partner with us as we continue to build this ministry. Thank you so very much, and God bless you!


Your donation allows us to record future episodes of The Visitation Project, keep our website up and running, and engage with more listeners. Thank you so much for your generous support!

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